• How Ebert Construction Serves Its Clients Fully

  • Posted on April 25, 2018
  • On the surface, Ebert Construction looks to be a full service family owned contractor that has been in business in Minnesota for almost a half century. Over time, they decided to be a lot more than one of the best builders in the state and went on to become a one-stop shop for their clients. The management at Ebert Construction believes in working on a team approach to their work, which means they are more than happy to help you with every aspect of the development, construction or renovation of a company’s properties and facilities.

    Ebert Construction can perform every service for every client. They have the people and the tools to design, estimate and budget the project before it has begun, and to assist with every aspect of acquisition and engineering that goes into the creation of a functional commercial building. In fact, if you don’t want a new building for whatever reason, leasing is often the most rational choice and Ebert Construction can provide tenant representation services to those clients. That means they are capable of acquiring the best possible facilities for their clients’ goals and needs, whether it's for lease or purchase. They also assist clients with the calculation of space requirements and they can evaluate potential alternatives, as well.

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